gregGreg Jones is a father of four and a husband of one. He recently became a grandfather to a round child he affectionately calls Buddha.

He spends most of his time attached to a Mac or iOS device, where he creates amazing work for students and clients. He teaches at The University of West Alabama. As an educator, he turns his other lifelong fascinations with literature, writing, and photography into a career that insures abject poverty and a life of childish bliss.

This site name arose from the frustration of answering the same student questions three or four times in a single class session. Greg proclaimed that he was going to create a website that he could refer students to—rather than losing his mind repeating himself to those who were purposely distracted. The resource would eventually become a complete repository of everything he knows, essentially “Greg, in a box.” A few students liked the name, and an hour later, Greg had purchased the domain name and started adding content.

He hopes you find something useful here to advance your career as a creative design professional.