Printing duotones in traditional, non-digital printing can save a client money. Moreover, digital printing can look really cool.

IMG_0109Step 1
Start with a duplicate file, since
the conversion destroys the RGB or CMYK original. Right/Option Click the background layer > Select Duplicate Layer > SET TO NEW > Name as file_duotone.

Step 2duotone2
Image > Mode > Grayscale > OK

Step 3
Image > Mode > Duotone
Set type to Duotone

Step 4
duotoneClick Ink 1 well. Set color by method of choice, such as a web hex code.
Click Ink 2 well. Set contrasting color by method choice.

Step 5
Adjust curves to the left of the ink wells to modify contrast.

Step 6
Image > Mode > RGB or CMYK, only if the image is not to be printed as a duotone.