New York Daily News columnist Shaun King was accused of plagiarism in several stories, but the newspaper defended him and fired an editor who handled his copy.
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In journalism we’re not judged by our rough copy, we’re judged by what we put on the web, what we put on the page.

Attribution is critical when using the words or ideas of another as the New York Daily News recently discovered. Whether using inline citations with direct quotations or marking passages that refer to a works cited or reference page, writers (and editors) must always act with integrity, giving credit when credit is due.

In 1676, in a letter to Robert Hooke,  Sir Isaac Newton wrote,  “If I have seen further, it is by standing on ye shoulders of giants.” We are called to build on the works of others, but those who came before us deserve our recognition, an idea that is at the very foundation of education and advanced thinking.

Source: Daily News fires editor after Shaun King accused of plagiarism – Apr. 19, 2016