Link This button

Link This button

Sure, you love the Press This bookmarklet that makes creating posts so easy while surfing the web, but what do you do when you want to link to a page you run across? Well, you can create your own bookmarklet with the following javascript code to create a Link This bookmark. How cool is this?

How to make your own bookmarklet:

  1. Bookmark any new page by dragging its icon to the bookmarks bar, perhaps right next to your frequently used  Link This bookmark.
  2. Rename the new bookmark Link This.
  3. Go to Bookmarks> Show all Bookmarks
  4. Replace the newly renamed Link This web address with the code below.
  5. Be sure to replace with your domain. If your WordPress installation is in a /wp/ directory, change your path to or the code won’t work.


That’s it. Close your Bookmarks Bar window. Navigate to a page you want to create a link for, and click your new bookmarklet. Instantly, an Add New Link page will open in your WordPress control panel.