I threw this together after being inspired by userfocus.co.uk’s The UX Job Title Generator. I just wanted a way to generate random combinations for my own amusement. I added keywords of my own, some that you’ve suggested, and some found on sites like Authentic Jobs and Krop.There are 4000+ delightful combinations to keep you ephemerally entertained.

Hello. My name is Greg Jones, and I am a Full Stack Human Factors Expert. I have no idea what this means, but odds are if you don’t either, you won’t have the guts to all me on my bullshit. If you are searching for the perfect obfuscating job title to describe what you do to others, click the link below to generate a fancy-shmancy title for yourself. Keep  in mind: the longer the title, the more impressive your role. It must be true–just look at government business cards.

Source: UX Job Title Generator