In the Quartz article below, we find tips on enhancing creativity. (And once again, we discover that multitasking is counterintuitive to the creative process. Okay, we all know this, but we look the other way. To our phones, mostly.)

Why do creatives often seem to procrastinate, especially on large projects? Is procrastination part of the designer’s process?

Here’s my take: procrastination is normal; procrastination is productive. Both the conscious and subconscious mind work on solving problems, but we can fret much less when we expose ourselves to the issue as early as possible. As we perform research and begin to iterate, our brains begin to eliminate possibilities that spur new possibilities to consider.

Often, design solutions come to me in the 11th hour, surprising others who have witnessed my delay in the face of an impending deadline. It doesn’t hurt that I think visually and that I work with a pencil. A lot.

Your mileage may vary. If you are one of those individuals who work ahead, god bless you. I’m jealous.

However, if you want to give procrastination a try see how it might improve your process, try setting early, fake deadlines to give yourself some cushion.

Missing a client deadline is never acceptable.


Source: To boost your creativity, procrastinate — Quartz